Hi there Drunken Fools!

There are two things I would like to talk about:

1- Vote for the Drunken Fools!

Kurt Sasso, colleague at the Webcomic Planet Collective and host of the TGT Webcomics Podcast, is running a tournament where all podcasts since the beginning are facing each other and the winner would be crowned the best podcast interview.

I have been lucky enough to win Round 1 without any problems and without even advertising it here. But now, I need your help! Round 2 is a tough one as I’m facing one of my favorite artist, Krishna M. Sadasivam, creator of the PC Weenies.

So, I need your help! Please go vote for me at the tournament, got there: TGT Tournament, scroll down a bit to “Bracket 9″ and vote!

Hint: you can vote every hour… :D

2- CSI: Webcomics is not dead!

CSI Webcomics

Remember when I mentionned the CSI: Webcomics project I was working on with Dave Anderson? Well, while we are in in a slow start a little, we are still alive!Please spread the good word, grab your webcomics artists near you and ask them to come over and participate!

Cheers all!

- Antoine