HelloDrunken Fools!
I like turtles!, I also like being part of the Webcomic Alliance, group of Webcomic Creators sharing good and bad practices regarding creating digitial comics. Here’s this week’s summary of what we presented over there.

Monday’s Pick of the Week:
Todd make a nice post about one of my favorite comic: Edmund Finney’s Quest To Find The Meaning Of Life! You never know what to expect about this comic, and that is exactly why I like it that much.


You can read the entire article by clicking here

, dawn was giving some tips on how to launch a webcomic, more on the technical side (Web Site, hosting, etc..). Surely something we all wish we had when we started!, please check this out!


You can read the entire article by Clicking here

On Wednesday , We presented a very special podcast we did live last Saturday (September 10th) at the DigiCon. We start with one of my future comic project from scratch and tried to develop its brand. A MUST!


You can can listen to the podcast by Clicking here

Finally, on Thursday, speaking of branding, the Dr. Banner was back and decided to get to the basics about creating banners. An Excellent article when you are struggling like me when trying to create a banner!


Go read the article this is an AMAZING read! Do so by clicking here.


The Webcomic Alliance is YOUR worksource for your Digital Comic. Get help, hints, tips, tutorial and COWBELL with Dawn Griffin, Ken Drab, W. Byron Wilkins and myself, Antoine Gagnon. The Webcomic Alliance will surely help and entertain you!