Hello Drunken Fools!
I said it numerous time, I am a proud member of the Webcomic Alliance, group of Webcomic Creators sharing good and bad practices regarding creating digitial comics. Here’s this week’s summary of what we presented over there.

On Monday’s Pick of the Week: Todd presented us with one of the most beautiful webcomic around, The Abominable Charles Christopher. On top of that, the creator, Karl Kerschl, lives in Montreal!


You can read the entire article by clicking here

Tuesday, I was in the spotlight, again! With my report on my experience on my second Comic Convention to date, which occured in my town, Montreal. You saw the pictures already (here) yeseterday, and if you are interested in reading reports more on the business perspective, check this out!


You can read the entire article by Clicking here

, Todd once again challenged us into our bi-weekly Character Sketch Challenge. This week, we had to draw a zany lunch lady, you know the kind we were all sacred of when we were kids? Character Challenges are fun and the Alliance readers are also invited to participate!


You can see all the submissions by Clicking here

Finally, on Thursday, since was also at a Comic Convention last weekend, she treated us with the Intervention Con recap of her experience that weekend. a MUST read!


Go read the article! Do so by clicking here.


The Webcomic Alliance is YOUR worksource for your Digital Comic. Get help, hints, tips, tutorial and COWBELL with Dawn Griffin, Ken Drab, W. Byron Wilkins and myself, Antoine Gagnon. The Webcomic Alliance will surely help and entertain you!