Good day Drunken Fools,

I guess it’s the season for big changes.

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing the following: Until further notice, there will not have any new Drunken Fools storyline pages posted here. In other words, I decided to pull off the plug on the Drunken Fools as a Webcomic. I am not killing them (while I did think of throwing a nuke on them to end the story…LOL), but I’m pulling off the Online Plug on them.

I’m going focus on the Drunk Heroes until further notice, twice a week.


  • I started the Drunken Fools back in 2008 at the same time I started to draw. Without any idea on how to start a comic, character design, plot, purpose, etc… Maybe that was a big mistake, but I don’t regret it one second.
  • Today, I’m having more fun doing the Heroes/Villains parodies, mainly because it makes me draw different characters and will give me the opportunity (maybe) to play with different styles.
  • But don’t get me wrong here, I do love to draw the Fools.
  • Right now in my drawing process, I want to improve my skills on numerous aspects and the time a Drunken Fool page is taking me, slows me down (so I think). I switched to Traditional Inking; Got some great books; etc…
  • If you have been following us at the Webcomic Alliance, you should know a schedule for a Webcomic is extremely important. If I keep doing it the way I’m doing it, that would not happen too long and I feel DF are becoming more like a burden (that word may be a bit exaggerated) than anything else as a Webcomic (strict schedule, etc..), it takes longer to do (close to 10 hours per page).
  • A Drunk Hero doesn’t take too much time to do, plus It’s fun!
  • The way peeps are reacting to the Heroes at Cons, and the hits I’m getting for them VS the Drunken Fools is also no brainer honestly on what I should be focusing as a Webcomic.
  • Drawing a comic is my hobby, and when a hobby is starting to give you stress, well, there is something wrong.

For the remaining of 2011, the Website will stay as it is, with Monday & Thursday updates with a new Drunk Hero/villain. Once I catch my breath, and have a little buffer for the Heroes, I’ll transition to a new website (

What about Spike, Billy, Stubby and the rest of the Gang?

As I said above, I am not killing them at all. What is still a mystery to me (but I do have some ideas) is what I will do with them. Kurt Sasso and I spent so much time on two major stories(Stubby: Origins & Ice Capades) that it would be a Real Shame to simply ditch them. I owe that to Kurt, at least.

  • Current storyline: I’ll probably continue drawing the new storyline I recently started for the Drunken Fools, but on the side, not as a webcomic  and at my own pace. I may restart it later, once I feel more confident in my art.
  • I may remove the Archives from the shelf (Harry Potter style!) , but I don’t know yet. I just don’t see the point of keeping a website alive without updates.
    • I have some ideas for the future (far away) such as rebooting the early stories, redefine the characters, etc.. who knows.
    • Stubby and the Bobana Corporation is a HUGE item right now and I swear this is worth exploiting it. But I need to do it smarter

What do you guys and Gals think? Your feedback and comments are crucial for me at this point. It could be feedback on the change, on the Drunken Fools, anything.